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This Site Was Made For …

This site was created with three audiences in mind:

First for the students and parents in AP Human Geography and AP Economics classes. (See links to AP Econ & AP Hug)

Second, for the athletes and parents of Crestwood Rowing. (See links to Rowing)

Finally, for my ease of navigation of the internet. (See links to extensions)

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Week of April 24th

  Monday 4/24- APHG Ch#10 Test, Econ Notes#68, Rowing Practice 6-8:30pm Tuesday 4/25- APHG Group Project, Econ Micro Review#1, Rowing Practice 6-8:30pm Wednesday 4/26- APHG Group Project, Econ Notes#69, Rowing Practice 6-8:30pm Thursday 4/27-APHG Group Project, Econ Notes#70, Skyline Scrimmage 4pm, Rowing Practice 6-8:30pm Friday 4/28- APHG Ch#14 Test, Econ Micro Review#2, Prom Saturday 4/29

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