How long has Crestwood had a rowing team?

Spring 2005 was the first full season for Crestwood. The crew competed at three regattas (what races are called on the water). Two were in Wyandotte, MI and one was at Stony Creek Metro Park in Shelby Township, MI. Since then, in addition to racing in Wyandotte & Shelby Township, the team has raced in Grand Rapids, MI, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, Toledo, OH, Culver, IN, Oakridge, TN, London, Ontario, Zanesville, OH, Princeton, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Camden NJ, Welland, Ontario, and St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

Does Crestwood row on the Rouge River?

NO!! Crestwood rows out of the Wyandotte Boat Club and practices on the Detroit River. Six other schools, besides Crestwood, row out of the Wyandotte Boat Club. They are: Wyandotte Roosevelt HS, Riverview Community HS, Gibraltar Carlson HS, Grosse Ile HS, Southgate Anderson HS, and Trenton HS.

Are there different weight classes or categories like JV & Varsity?

All first year rowers are considered novices. At some regattas, there are lightweight novices events, but in general novices races are open weight events. Anyone in 11th grade or under can row in junior events. In rowing, the competition gets faster as experience, age, and weight increase. For example, the silver medalist in the Men’s Open Single at the Olympics in 2004 was 38 years old. Men’s weight categories: Lightweight-under 150lbs Open-any weight. Women’s weight categories: Lightweight-under 130lbs Open-any weight. Coxswain: (the little person who steers the boat) male & female under 120lbs

When is the rowing season?

Rowing is a spring sport, but training starts January 6th. Practice will be 3 days per week in January, 4 days per week in February, 5 days per week in March, and 6 days per week in late March, April, and May (as soon as we hit the water practice will be 6 days per week). Practices Monday thru Thursday @ Crestwood & Saturdays @ the Wyandotte Boat Club from 10:00AM to 12:00AM. The severity of winter determines when practices can start on the water. Normally we have to wait for the ice to melt. If the winter is mild we can be in the water as early as late February. But, if the winter is sever, or late we might not be on the water until mid-April. An average year puts us on the water in late March. The intensity of rowing a boat requires rowers to be in aerobic shape before we can get on the water. That is why practices will begin in January. It is widely known by the rowing community that races are won during winter conditioning. Beginning in 2010, we started a fall rowing program in concert with the Wyandotte Boat Club.

How do Crestwood students get to the Wyandotte Boat Club?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Wyandotte Boat Club. Upperclassmen with cars transport underclassmen to and from practice. One-way trip to the WBC will take approximately 30 minutes and is about 15 miles. Parents are also welcome to transport their athletes to the WBC. Wyandotte has a charming downtown that has plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants within walking distance of the WBC.

Does Crestwood own any boats?

Yes, we own two singles, four pair/doubles, three quads, four fours, and two eights. With seven programs rowing out of Wyandotte, procurement of equipment falls on the individual schools. A new eight oared shell costs between $32,000 and $43,000, depending on weight, stiffness, and manufacturer. We also own 48 sweep oars, 13 sets of sculling oars, 10 ergs, three cox boxes, two cox voxes, two coaches boats, and a nine boat trailer.

Who do I contact about rowing for Crestwood?

If you have any further questions please contact Coach Chris Puhl via e-mail at: