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Welcome students, parents, athletes, and those who ran out of other stuff to read on the internet!!

This site was created with three audiences in mind:

First for the students and parents in the courses I teach at Crestwood High School (See links specific courses)

Second, for the athletes and parents of Crestwood Rowing. (See Rowing)

Finally, for my ease of navigation of the internet. (See links)

Below is the description of use for this sites primary usage, education.

Its first mission is for the betterment of your child’s education.  From home, students are able to access the PowerPoint notes used during class each day.  Contained within the PowerPoint notes are the daily lessons, daily journals/notes (please see description of journals/notes below), and weekly homework.  If a student is absent from class, they are able to access what they missed from home.  This precludes loss of instruction time, as students aren’t required to make classroom inquiries about missed work.  Additionally, study guides are available for downloading before they are distributed in class.  This gives students a head start on reviewing for examinations.  Exit questions will be completed on Google classroom.

The second purpose of this site is for you, the parent, to see exactly what your child is doing in class.  This site, combined with MiStar (online gradebook), should avoid these common responses from teens:

  • “I don’t have any homework.”
  • “I don’t have a test tomorrow.”
  • “I turned that in.”
  • “We didn’t do anything in class today.”

Please don’t let your student fool you.  They do know how to use this site!  But, if you know how to use this site, it could put a damper on some evening plans.  Probably not yours.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Downloading questions:

Downloading basics:

  1. Only items that are in blue are active links.
  2. To download weekly notes and study guides, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. To download the syllabus and study guides, you will need Microsoft Word.

Q:  Why can’t I download the notes for next week?

A:  Notes are not posted in advance.  Since it is often difficult to determine how long a concept might take to cover in class, I plan from scratch each day keeping a variety of factors in mind.

Q:  Why can’t I download any of the daily lesson plans?

A:  Make sure that  popups are not blocked and you have Microsoft PowerPoint. Some links are not open to non-CSDM (Crestwood School District Michigan)

Q:  When were the notes last updated?

A:  The notes should be updated by the end of each school day.