Econ Powerpoints

Week Date PowerPoint Chapter Test Date
1 Tues Sept 6th APEconF1601 Ch#1-Basic Economic Concepts  Ch#1-Friday Sept 9th
2 Mon Sept 12th APEconF1602 Ch#2-Basic Economic Concepts  
3 Mon Sept 19th APEconF1603 Ch#2-Basic Economic Concepts  
4 Mon Sept 26th APEconF1604 Ch#3-Supply & Demand  
5 Mon Oct 3rd APEconF1605 Ch#3-Supply & Demand  
6 Mon Oct 10th APEconF1606  Ch#23-Intro to Macroeconomics  
7 Mon Oct 17th APEconF1607 Ch#24-Measurement of Domestic Output  
8 Mon Oct 24th APEconF1608 Ch#26-Business Cycles, Unemployment, & Inflation  
9 Mon Oct 31st APEconF1609  Ch#27-Basic Macro Relationships  
10 Mon Nov 7th APEconF1610 Ch#29-Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply  
 11 Mon Nov 14th APEconF1611  Ch#29-Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply  
12  Mon Nov 21st APEconF1612  Ch#30-Fiscal Policy  
13  Mon Nov 28th APEconF1613  Ch#30-Fiscal Policy  
14  Mon Dec 5th APEconW1614  Ch#31-Money & Banking  
15  Mon Dec 12th APEconW1615  Ch#32-Money Creation  
16  Mon Dec 19th APEconW1616  Ch#33-Interest Rates & Monetary Policy  
  Winter Break      
 17 Mon Jan 9th      
18 Tues Jan 17th      
25 Mon Mar 6th APEconW1625 Ch#8-Pure Competition Short Run  
26 Mon Mar 13th APEconW1626 Ch#8-Finals Week  
27 Mon Mar 20th APEconS1727  Ch#9-Pure Competition Long Run  
28 Mon Mar 27th APEconS1728  Ch#10-Monopoly  
  Spring Break    Spring Break-Last Day Friday March 31st Return Monday April 10th  
29 Mon Apr 10th      
30 Tues Apr 18th      
31 Mon Apr 24th