APHUG Powerpoints


Week Date PowerPoint Chapter Test Date
1 Tues Sept 5th APHugF1701 Chapter#1-Intro to Human Geography
2 Mon Sept 11th APHugF1702 Chapter#1
3 Mon Sept 18th APHugF1603 Chapter#1  Sept 25th
4 Mon Sept 25th APHugF1604  Chapter#4-Folk & Popular Culture
5 Mon Oct 2nd APHugF1605  Chapter#4  Oct 9th
6 Mon Oct 9th APHugF1606  Chapter#5-Languages
7 Mon Oct 16th APHugF1607  Chapter#5  Oct 23rd
8 Mon Oct 23rd APHugF1608  Chapter#6-Religions
Religions of China Quiz Monday Oct 30th
9 Mon Oct 30th APHugF1609  Chapter#6
10 Mon Nov 6th APHugF1610  Chapter#6 Nov 13th
11 Mon Nov 13th APHugF1611 Chapter#7-Ethnicities
12 Mon Nov 20th APHugF1612  Chapter#7 Nov 27th
13 Mon Nov 27th APHugF1613  Finals Week
14 Mon Dec 4th APHugW1614
15 Mon Dec 11th APHugW1615
16 Mon Dec 18th APHugW1616 
Winter Break  
17 Mon Jan 9th APHugW1617 
18 Tues Jan 17th APHugW1618 
19 Mon Jan 23rd APHugW1619 
20 Mon Jan 30th APHugW1620 
21 Mon Feb 6th APHugW1621 
22 Mon Feb 13th APHugW1622 
23 Tues Feb 21st APHugW1623 
24 Mon Feb 27th APHugW1624 
25 Mon Mar 6th APHugW1625 
26 Mon Mar 13th APHugW1626
27 Mon Mar 20th APHugS1727
28 Mon Mar 27th APHugS1728 
Spring Break  
29 Mon Apr 10th APHugS1729
30 Tues Apr 18th APHugS1730 
31 Mon Apr 24th APHugS1731 
32 Mon May 1st APHugS1732 
33 Mon May 8th APHugS1733  AP Human Geography Exam Friday May 18, 2018
34 Mon May 15th APHugS1734