Parent letter 5-18-17 States Info-Updated



1.) No Practice in Wyandotte Today (Thursday May 18th):  Mother nature is being uncooperative this week.  We won’t be able to get on the water.  Instead of driving to Wyandotte, all rowers need to run 4 miles in Dearborn Heights this afternoon.

2.) Boat Loading 3pm Tomorrow (Friday May 19th) :  We are sharing a trailer to States with Riverview.  Boat loading begins at 3pm.  I know our kids will be a little late.

3.) Car matrix for Grand Rapids (Saturday May 20th):  This is the most kids we have ever taken to States.  For the kids who aren’t racing, you are welcome to attend.  Normally those who don’t race have practice, but all of the coaches available this weekend are driving to States and I’m out of coaches to run practice and seats for States.  I’m truly sorry.  Address for Comstock Riverside Park: 2001 Monroe Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505  We need to be on the road by 5am.  It’s 2 hours and 20 minutes to the course.  First race will launch arond 8:20am.

4.) WY-HI Regatta Ad book:  I just got an e-mail from the WY-HI regatta chairman.  I understand that all the 1/12 page ads were left out of the program by the printer.  He is printing a book with the teams pictures in it as sort of a yearbook to make up for it.

5.) London Regatta (Saturday May 27th) and St. Catharines Regatta (June 2,3,&4):  I’ll have entry information Saturday.

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States Car Matrix 2017
All seating assignments are FINAL!
HannahHeltonMr. PuhlChrisGimik
1.) Jenean1.) Mark1.) Duha1.) Tom1.) Victoria
2.) Hadil2.) Ian2.) Rema2.) Viktor2.) Angel
3.) Alia3.) Bogden3.) Mackenzie3.) Kristian
4.)4.) Moe
1.) Nick1.) Mazen1.) Sarah B1.) Simon
2.) Jalen2.) Sarah G2.) Reese
3.) Bahaa3.) Aironia3.) Nathan
4.) Mahmmoud4.)
Saturday Morning
1.) All cars MUST be on the road to Grand Rapids by 5am
2.) All cars MUST leave by 5am! If you’re not leaving from the school please let Mr. Milewski know
3.) Once you get to the  course, head directly to the trailer to unload and rig boats
Riverside Park 
North Monroe
Grand Rapids, Michigan
2001 Monroe Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505