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WY-HI Regatta Recap: Well the weather got the best of us.  At least it wasn’t raining.  Most of our races on Saturday were final only events and the regatta was cancelled after 8 of 24 finals were run.  Only two of our boats got to race in finals and both medaled.  The Womens Quad (Rema, Victoria, Duha, & Jenean) took Gold and the Mens Lightweight Eight (Nathan, Reese, Nick, Jordon, Tom, Viktor, Kristian, Moe-Ali, and Mackenzie) took Bronze.  The article about Wy-Hi was just posted on MI Prep Zone: Thanks to all of those who came out and supported us on a cold windy Saturday like Mrs. Kiker, Mrs. Stamps, Mr. & Mrs. Bycraft, Mrs. Friedrich, and Mrs. Janssen.  A huge thanks our Parents Group and Volunteers; Mr. and Mrs. Puhl, Mr. and Mrs. Maktari, and Mr. Gimik, who fed our rowers and coaches during the regatta. Mrs. Helton and Mrs. Coulter helped run the Sew Sporty tent.  I understand Mrs. Manassra helped everywhere from food, to Sew Sporty, to yelling at Mazen (well cheering for him) on the water. Please forgive me if I missed anyone.


Midwest Regatta:  This regatta makes for a very long weekend.  Hopefully I’ve captured all information in the bullet points below:

  • The Basics: We leave on Friday and unload, rig, and practice row on the course. Saturday Heats begin at 7am and Semi-finals last well into the evening.  Finals run Sunday morning.  We will be staying in Hebron, Ohio Friday and Saturday night, which is about 40 minutes from the course.  We will return to Dearborn Heights Sunday afternoon/evening.
  • Traveling there: Thanks for all of those who have volunteered to drive. It is because of your support that we can keep the cost of the season at $400 per kid.  I’ve included the Car Matrix below.
    • Regatta Site: DILLON STATE PARK GPS Address: 5265 Dillon Hills Drive Nashport, OH 43830
    • Hotel: Red Roof Inn 10668 Lancaster RD Southwest Hebron, OH 43025 (740-467-7663)
    • Non-AP Testers: Those NOT testing on Friday Morning will leave from the Crestwood Staff parking lot at 7:30am, make a brief stop for lunch, and proceeded to the race course.
    • AP Testers: Those taking AP Human Geography & AP Micro Economics Exams will leave after the test from the Crestwood Staff lot. They will make a very brief and early in the trip stop for lunch before heading to the race course.
  • Student ID: At this regatta, student ID’s are checked at the dock before launch.
  • USRA Waiver: This year the U.S. Rowing Association has gone to an online wavier. In order to race this weekend the wavier MUST be completed online.
  • As for racing at MSRA: There will be 46 teams and there are 532 entries.  We have 18 boats entered.  Entries are found below the car matrix.  Heats Sheets should be available on Regatta Central sometime this evening or tomorrow morning.



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Thank you for your support,

Mr. Milewski & the Crestwood Rowing Staff

Midwest Car Matrix 2017
All seating assignments are FINAL!
HeltonHortonPuhlAngelC. Puhl
1.) Mark1.) Jordon1.) Jenean1.) Mackenzie1.) Tom
2.) Daniel2.) Mahmmoud2.) Alia2.) Aironia2.) Bogden
3.) Ian3.) Hadil3.) Angel3.) Kristian
4.) Rashad4.) Rema4.) Jalen
6:15am WBC(AP Testers)6:15am WBC
1.) Sarah B1.) Victoria1.) Unis1.) Mazen1.) Nathan
2.) Sarah G2.) Duha2.) Viktor2.) Simon2.) Reese
3.) Rheanna3.) Moe-Ali3.) Bahaa3.) Texas
Friday Morning
1.) All cars will be dismissed from the Crestwood Teachers Parking lot
2.) All cars MUST leave by 7:30am!
3.) Once you get to the  course, head directly to the trailer to unload and rig boats
Regatta Site Red Roof Inn Columbus-Hebron
GPS Address:10668 Lancaster RD Southwest
5265 Dillon Hills DriveHebron, OH 43025
Nashport, OH 43830-9568740-467-7663



Saturday, May 13, 2017
3Mens HS Novice 8+20
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)M. Eljammali/M. Manassra/B. Mohamed/S. Seryani/J. Williams/I. Coulter/R. Madarani/B. Manivilovski/D. Janssen (Cox)
4Womens HS Varsity 1x13
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)R. Baydoun
5Mens HS Ltwt 2x15
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)T. Puhl/M. Beydoun
6Mens HS Junior 2x15
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)M. Helton/U. Maktari
9Womens HS Varsity 4+21
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)A. Stamps/A. Valencia/R. Ackling/S. Gargouri/S. Badawi (Cox)
11Mens HS Ltwt 4+19
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)N. Bycraft/J. Horton/K. Manivilovski/V. Gjorgjevski/M. Kiker (Cox)
16Womens HS Junior 4x7
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)H. Eljammali/A. Elhajj/V. Gimik/J. Haddad
20Mens HS Varsity 1x13
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)V. Gjorgjevski
21Mens HS Varsity 2-7
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)N. Friedrich/R. Tran
Crestwood High School Rowing (B)J. Williams/U. Maktari
23Womens HS Novice 4+22
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)A. Stamps/A. Valencia/R. Ackling/S. Badawi/S. Gargouri (Cox)
24Mens HS Ltwt Novice 4+12
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)D. Janssen/R. Madarani/B. Manivilovski/S. Seryani/M. Kiker (Cox)
25Mens HS Novice 4+27
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)M. Eljammali/M. Manassra/B. Mohamed/I. Coulter/V. Gjorgjevski (Cox)
26Womens HS Ltwt 2x10
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)V. Gimik/A. Elhajj
Crestwood High School Rowing (B)D. Shammout/J. Haddad
28Womens HS Varsity 2x18
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)H. Eljammali/R. Baydoun
29Mens HS Junior 4x8
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)T. Puhl/K. Manivilovski/J. Horton/M. Beydoun
30Mens HS Varsity 4x8
Crestwood High School Rowing (A)N. Friedrich/M. Helton/N. Bycraft/R. Tran

*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change