Parent Letter 5-5-17 Wy-Hi Info & request for help



WY-HI Regatta: Tomorrow is the 46th Wyandotte High Schools Rowing Regatta. Rowers will need to be to the WBC by 6:30am.
• The WBC is in need of safety boat drivers and spotters. If you could please help out on the water, the WBC will be very well pleased, especially Coach Fred. Please contact Fred Mekolon if you would like to help.
• There have been a few changes to boats racing tomorrow. I’ve attached the latest edition of the line up at the bottom of this parent letter.
• Here is the link to the heat sheet for Saturday:
• Since Southgate isn’t rowing this season, they are going to assist us in running the Sew Sporty tent at Wy-Hi. This was a main fundraiser for their team. Hopefully Southgate will be back rowing next year, but it’s a bit of a windfall for us this season. If you can help please contact Mrs. Maktari. Her e-mail is

Midwest Regatta: (next weekend) So far Mr. Gimik, Mr. & Mrs. Puhl, Mr. & Mrs. Maktari, and Mr. and Mrs. Horton have said they were traveling to Midwest and were able to take some rowers with them.
• If you are going and you can take a few rowers it would greatly help us out. PLEASE contact me ASAP and let me know how many kids you can take.
• We are staying at the Red Roof Inn in Hebron, Ohio. The hotel is roughly half-way between Zanesville & Columbus.
• We will leave from Crestwood Friday morning May 12th, except for those taking the AP Human Geography & AP Econ Exams who will leave after the test. We will be staying Friday and Saturday night.
• We will return to Dearborn Heights Sunday May 14th in the afternoon.

Team Picture: The team picture will be Monday May 15th (Day after we return from Midwest). Lifetouch now does picture order online. Here is the link to the order form.

e-mail: If you are NOT getting these communications via e-mail please contact me with your e-mail address so you can be added to the parent e-mail list. My e-mail:

• website:
• twitter: milewskirowing
• facebook: Crestwood Rowing

See you tomorrow morning in Wyandotte,

Mr. Milewski & the Crestwood Rowing Staff

WY-HI 2017 ALL LINE UPS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Seats are NOT final until the boat leaves the shelf
# Event Bow 2 3 4/S 5 6 7 Stroke Coxie Oars Boat Coach
1 WN8+
2 MS4+
3 Wjr4+
4 W4x Jennean Victoria Rema Duha Southgate Aprill Addie
5 MN8+ Bogden Rashad Ian Jalen Simon Bahaa Mazen Daniel Linda White Podhola Jeff/Angel
6 MJr4+
7 W1x
8 MLt8+ Viktor Reese Texas Jordon Nathan Kristian Moe-Ali Tom Mackenzie Orange Nick Chris
9 WSr4+ Sarah B Rheanna Angel Alia Duha B4 Purple Van Alison
10 M2x Unis Mark Brown Rychlinski Mark
11 Wlt8+
12 WN4+ Sarah G Rheanna Angel Aironia Mackenzie B4 Purple Van Alison
13 MN4+ Simon Bahaa Mazen Ian Viktor B4 White Smith Jeff/Angel
B Bogden Rashad Jalen Daniel Linda S4 White Agrussa Angel
14 W2x A.) Jennean Duha B.) Rema Victoria
15 MJr8+
16 WNLt4+ Aironia Sarah B Sarah G Alia Mackenzie B4 Purple Van Alison
17 M4x A.) Reese Nathan Mark Texas B.) Jordon Kristian Moe-Ali Tom
18 WJr8+
19 MNLt4+
20 MLt4+
21 WLt4+
22 M1x Viktor
23 MSr8+
24 Wsr8+

Seat assignments not official until the boat leaves the shelf
You MUST meet with the coach that is assigned to launch your boat 2 races before your race is called Friday 5/5/17 9:02am
All rowers WILL be at 1 of 3 locations during the regatta:
1). At the team tent for quick bite to eat and drink
2). In the area designated by the head coach as the teams race watching area
3). By the Crestwood boats. Stay with your boat!