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53rd Hebda Regatta Recap: We had a good day.  We were 6 seconds away from having a great day!  On the men’s side we tied for second with Anthony Wayne.  For the Combined points trophy we tied for Third with Grosse Ile and Riverview.

  • For the men, we won the Lightweight Eight (Nathan, Reese, Nick, Jordon, Tom, Viktor, Kristian, Moe-Ali, and Mackenzie) and the Quad (Mark, Nick, Reese, Nathan). The Lightweight Four (Nathan, Kristian, Moe-Ali, Tom, and Viktor) took a solid second.  The Novice Eight qualified for finals but had a tough time in the final.  In heats, the Novice A Four made a critical mistake in the first 50m of the race.  If that didn’t occur, I was assured by a regatta official that they would have won their heat with little effort.  The Novice B Four had a solid 3rd place finish, but it was 2 to qualify in that event.
  • For the women, we took second in the Women’s Double (Rema & Victoria). We also placed second in the Women’s Quad (Jenean, Hadil, Rema, & Victoria.  The Women’s Junior Four would have qualified if they didn’t have a steering issue.
  • There is a great article in the Dearborn Press and Guide about the Regatta with lots of photos: There are also photos that were taken by Row2k:
  • Big thanks to the parents and Crestwood community members who came out to support us like Mr. Brennan and Ed Garcia. A huge thanks our Parents Group and Volunteers; Mr. and Mrs. Puhl, Mr. and Mrs. Maktari, and Mr. Gimik, who fed our rowers and coaches during the regatta. Mrs. Helton and Mrs. Coulter were a great help with setting up & taking down the tent.  Thanks to Mrs. Manassra, Mrs. Kiker, and Mrs. Janssen who also helped with setting up food and the coolers. Please forgive me if I missed anyone.


WY-HI Regatta: Saturday is the 46th Wyandotte High Schools Rowing Regatta (Rain date is Sunday).  Rowers will need to be to the WBC by 6:30am.

  • As the years have gone on, several of regular water safety boat volunteers kids have graduated, have retired out-of-state, and such. If you want a great view of racing please consider volunteering for WY-HI as a safety boat driver or a safety boat spotter.  Please contact Fred Mekolon if you would like to help.
  • We are finalizing our entries this evening. I’ll post them at some point tomorrow.


Midwest Regatta:  So far Mr. Gimik, Mr. & Mrs. Puhl, Mr. & Mrs. Maktari, have said they were traveling to Midwest and were able to take some rowers with them.  If you are going and you can take a few rowers it would greatly help us out.  If you could PLEASE contact me ASAP and let me know how many kids you can take.  We are staying at the Red Roof Inn in Hebron, Ohio.  The hotel is roughly half-way between Zanesville & Columbus.  We will leave from Crestwood Friday morning May 12th, except for those taking the AP Human Geography & AP Econ Exams who will leave after the test.  We will be staying Friday and Saturday night.  We will return to Dearborn Heights Sunday afternoon.



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Thank you for your support,


Mr. Milewski & the Crestwood Rowing Staff


WY-HI 2017ALL LINE UPS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  Seats are NOT final until the boat leaves the shelf
9WSr4+Sarah BRheannaAngelAliaDuhaB4 PurpleVanAlison
12WN4+Sarah GRheannaAngelAironiaMackenzieB4 PurpleVanAlison
13MN4+SimonBahaaMazenIanViktorB4 WhiteSmithJeff/Angel
BBogdenRashadDanielJalenLindaS4 WhiteAgrussaAngel
14W2xA.) JenneanDuhaB.) RemaVictoria
16WNLt4+AironiaSarah BSarah GAliaMackenzieB4 PurpleVanAlison
17M4xA.) ReeseNathanMarkTexasB.) JordonKristianMoe-AliTom
Seat assignments not official until the boat leaves the shelf
You MUST meet with the coach that is assigned to launch your boat 2 races before your race is calledMonday 2:40am
All rowers WILL be at 1 of 3 locations during the regatta:
1). At the team tent for quick bite to eat and drink
2). In the area designated by the head coach as the teams race watching area
3). By the Crestwood boats