Parent Letter 4/24/17-Hebda Cup





WBC Regatta Recap: Unfortunately, the weather didn’t really cooperate and the fishermen didn’t help.  I’ve left several messages with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Marine division over the unsafe boating of many of the fisherman on the river.   They have not gotten back to me.  I spoke with the Wyandotte Police Department that told me to keep calling the Sheriff since we are dealing with multiple jurisdictions.  I also left a message with the Police Chief on Grosse Ile.  The GI PD has a boat.  As Wayne County residents there is nothing preventing you from calling the Sheriff too.  Wayne County Sheriff Marine Division: 734-675-2660


As far as racing went, we didn’t do very well.  We have a lot of work to do before Hebda Cup on Saturday.  I hope those who raced gained valuable experience and we will NOT repeat the same mistakes this season.


I really appreciate your support Saturday there were a large number of parents, family members and friends in attendance. A giant thanks to my coaching staff.  They were all on the water acting as safety boats.  I was the only member of our staff on land Saturday.  A huge thanks to Mr. Janssen.  He used his own boat Saturday and acted as a safety boat.  Big thanks to Mrs. Maktari and Mrs. Puhl who worked the finish line.


Hebda Cup: Saturday is the 53rd  Hebda Cup Regatta (Rain date is Sunday).  It is the oldest continuous high school sporting event in the State of Michigan!  Rowers will need to be to the WBC by 6:30am. We are currently in the process of finalizing line ups for Saturday.  Entries are due tomorrow at 1pm.


There will be a food tent for the rowers if you can help out please contact Mrs. Puhl or Mrs. Maktari


As the years have gone on, several of regular water safety boat volunteers kids have graduated, have retired out-of-state, and such.  If you want a great view of racing please consider volunteering for either Hebda or WY-HI as a safety boat driver or a safety boat spotter.  Please contact Fred Mekolon Please tell Coach Fred which regatta or regattas and times you are able to help.  As many of you witnessed Saturday, the WBC needs as much help as possible.


Midwest Regatta:  So far Mr. Gimik has said he was traveling to Midwest and was able to take some rowers with him.  If you are going and you can take a few rowers it would greatly help us out.  If you could PLEASE contact me ASAP and let me know how many kids you can take.  If we don’t need to rent a van we can use the savings toward equipment.  This year we are staying at the Red Roof Inn in Hebron, Ohio.  The hotel is roughly half-way between Zanesville & Columbus.  We will leave from Crestwood Friday morning May 12th, except for those taking the AP Human Geography & AP Econ Exams who will leave after the test.  We will be staying Friday and Saturday night.  We will return to Dearborn Heights Sunday afternoon.


Skyline Scrimmage:  On Thursday (April 27th), the Boys Quads will be traveling to Ann Arbor to scrimmage with Ann Arbor Skyline.  This is the first of what I hope will be many scrimmages.  Skyline is a regional and national powerhouse.  The plan is to leave Crestwood right after school on Thursday and head to Ann Arbor.  We will begin racing at 4pm.  The plan is to do 6x1000mGoogle Maps says the time to the WBC from Crestwood is 32 minutes.  The time from Crestwood to where Skyline practices behind Concordia University in Ann Arbor is 34 minutes.



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Thank you for your support,


Mr. Milewski & the Crestwood Rowing Staff