Rowing Parent Letter 4/10/2017



Spring Break Recap: We had a nice Spring Break. Although we didn’t get on the water Tuesday or Friday, the days we were on the water were super productive. Our rowers, especially the novices made great improvements. The kids have really been working hard and it should pay off with lots of hardware this season.

Fundraising & Clothing Orders: Fundraising season is over I’ll get invoices out to the kids sometime this week for balances due. Remember the cost of the season is $400. This first item of the clothing order is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. It is from Sew Sporty, so we will have jerseys to race in.

Schedule: I’ve attached a schedule for the next two weeks below. I passed this out to the kids at school today, so the intended audience was them, not parents, but I put some parent nots in italics.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rowers read the following!!! (Parents too)

Today Monday April 10th– Day off from the Wyandotte Boat Club, but NOT a day off working out. With your boat warm-up, run 4 miles, nifty-nines, and stretch.
Tuesday April 11th, Wednesday April 12th, & Thursday April 13th – Practice in Wyandotte normal times 6-8:30pm. Be there NO EXCUSES! We are racing Friday and your boat will need to practice. If you’re not there, your boat won’t get to row.
Friday April 14th – Scrimmage v. Carlson & Riverview 8-11am (No School). We will race fours and then eights. Basic plan is this. Your four will go down the course twice v. Riverview and Carlson. Then you’ll have a short restroom break and the same thing will happen in eights. There is NO reason why you shouldn’t be on the road by 11am. (We have always practiced on Good Friday. It is normally the first day of Spring Training. With the Carlson back from Marietta, Ohio and Racing in the Lindamood Cup and Riverview back from Nashville, Tennessee, we are ready to do some racing.)
Saturday April 15th – Practice in Wyandotte 8-11am
Sunday April 16th – No Practice Easter Sunday
Monday April 17th – Practice in Wyandotte 8-11am (No School)
Tuesday April 18th – Practice in Wyandotte 6-8:30pm
Wednesday April 19th – Practice in Wyandotte 6-8:30pm
Thursday April 20th – WBC Regatta Sculling boats and Novice 4s race. Racing starts at 5pm. (Not everyone on the team will be racing on Thursday. Those not racing will practice at the same time races are running. Everyone should be done by 8pm on Thursday. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we can’t race on Thursday, those events will race on Friday.)
Friday April 21st – No Practice
Saturday April 22nd – WBC Regatta (If the weather is bad Saturday morning, we will race on Sunday morning.)
Sunday April 23rd – No Practice

This is the schedule, this is what you have been training for since the first week of January!